Becoming You 1:1 Program


My signature 3 month 1:1 program is designed to help discover areas in your life where you are giving your power away and ignoring your intuition, and move towards Becoming You by connecting with your body and feeling and healing your traumas so you can come to a place of peace, presence and joy in each day.   

We work closely together to step out of the stuck cycle, reprogram your subconscious limiting beliefs and empower you to trust yourself and achieve the goals and dreams you have for your life.  

Choose yourself, find your voice and create the future you want! 


Empower - Transform - Thrive

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A 12-week personalized transformation at the subconscious level for women who are on their journey to radicle self-love, fulfillment and wholeness.



Are you ready to step into ALL of who you are?

You know you feel more in your soul, more that is ready to live every day. 

🤍  I know you are on a spiritual/mental-health journey, ready to live and love your unique self and life. 

🤍  I know you feel called to do life differently, motherhood differently.

🤍  I know you are tired of feeling stuck and you're determined to achieve great things and have an impact. 

🤍  I know you feel deeply and take care of everyone but yourself.

🤍  I know you're ready to go deep and truly transform.

🤍  I know you are here to break the mold, the cycle ends with you. 

🤍  I know you are open to growth, ready to stop self-sabatoging and getting in your own way. 

🤍  You are ready to take your power back, step into all of your self-love and self-worth and forge forward with your life.  

You are ready to step into all of who you are! 


You are worthy and ready for the next step! 

Allow your journey to begin here. 

How good will it feel waking up each day living all of who you are with joy and peace? 


You are on purpose!  People need your gifts & guidance now more than ever!  You are meant to have real impact in this world.

Holding back and hiding isn't serving you well and you can likely feel that.  It's painful to be in this feeling, like you're not shining your light bright. 

You wouldn't wish this sensation upon your friends, family or children.   So why stay here any longer?  Tomorrow is not guaranteed.  

Having help to find the root cause of your limiting beliefs and transforming them will liberate you into feeling ALL of you.  

Seeing where you are not showing up for yourself, how you're giving your power away to having myself hold the compassionate space for you to feel into it so you can heal it with the many proven and effective modalities so you come back to your center and operate from your highest self-worth and love.  

Living a healthy lifestyles involves nourishing ALL your parts:  mind, body and soul. 

No more excuses, it's time to grow at a soul level.

3 Months 1:1 support package is tailored to your individual needs and includes:

🌟  Online face to face calls (a total of 12 hours over the course of 3 months)

🌟 PSYCH-K® Balances to shift your beliefs at the subconscious level

🌟 Intuitive insights to empower your wisdom for deeper healing

🌟 Your Human Design chart and guidance for you to come home to yourself. 

🌟 Simple and effective tools to use daily to come back to center

🌟 My support throughout our time together

🌟  Investment payment plan available

I'm Ready!


I had more transformation in the my first session with Valerie than I have in the last 5 years of my inner journey. I've been working with myself for many years, using several modalities such as therapy, Reiki, EMDR, massage, sound baths and more. But the PSYCH-K with Valerie was beyond my expectations. We were able to get to the root cause of something I've been working through for years. WOW! Don't hesitate to work with Valerie, she's a beautiful human to work with! 


"I had struggled with persistent stress both in my private life and in my business for awhile, with challenges that seemed to trigger each other and never end.  I felt totally exhausted emotionally and am so grateful that I started working with Valerie.  Her warm presence in the conversations, her knowledge of seeing and listening to what needs to be healed together with her methods creates a space for healing and growth.  After each conversation, I have felt lighter in my mind and body.  She helped me regain my energy and I have since felt like myself again - happier as the woman I want to be and as the mother I know my children need me to be.  I highly recommend Valerie's coaching!"

 Let's do this!

You are ready to build deep connections and conversations, at your soul level, for your growth, expansion and freedom of who YOU are. 

Becoming YOU 1:1 Program


One Time Payment

  • 12 Hours of 1-1 Coaching with Valerie, Online via Zoom  
  • 3-5 PSYCH-K® Balances for deep transformation in each session
  • Confidential, welcoming and non-judgemental space to feel, heal and grow at a soul level
  • Intuitive insights to empower your wisdom for deeper healing
  • Your Human Design chart and growth of your unique self
  • Simple and effective tools to use daily to come back to center
  • Valerie's Support throughout our time together

Becoming YOU 1:1 Program - Payment Plan


Per Month for 3 Months

  • 12 Hours of 1-1 Coaching with Valerie, Online via Zoom  
  • 3-5 PSYCH-K® Balances for deep transformation in each session
  • Confidential, welcoming and non-judgemental space to feel, heal and grow at a soul level
  • Intuitive insights to empower your wisdom for deeper healing
  • Your Human Design chart and growth of your unique self 
  • Simple and effective tools to use daily to come back to center
  • Valerie's Support throughout our time together

Note all prices will increase February 1, 2023. 

Receive the lowest price transformation today! 


"Valerie is a phenomenally gifted PSYCH-K® facilitator. She listens with compassion and patience to individual's needs and goals. She is very intuitive which is a great addition to her her work with individuals. Her thoughtfulness coupled with her intuition supports her PSYCH-K® work in releasing blocks to living one's best life. She is an enthusiastic learner and continually adds to her knowledge base and tool kit. She is very supportive, encouraging and enthusiastic in working with others. I highly recommend her as a PSYCH-K® facilitator."

About Valerie

I share all this so easily because I. HAVE. BEEN. THERE.

This has been my journey, alongside raising a young family and building a business.  Sometimes it felt hard and I knew I had to keep going. 

Let me tell you, transforming to be here - absolutely LOVING my unique, weird, out-of-the-box gifts and life is beyond describable.  It's heaven on earth! 

And  you are worthy of this feeling too!  Loving your life and doing what lights you up.

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You are ready to step into your magic!

Truly, what are you waiting for?  

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