Our emotions are here to guide us to a liberating, peaceful, joyful & creative life!


Enough sleep is the foundation of everything great in your life!  


You are the best guide for YOUR life!  Being connected to your body and intuition is the ultimate happiness in life. 



I'm a holistic sleep coach, parenting coach and intuitive coach helping mothers just like you! 

You are the best mother for your child!  And this doesn't mean you have to put yourself last.  It's important to lead the way in self-care, healing and true joy within you, breaking generational thoughts of what leading an authentic life looks like for your child & generations to come.  

Whether if you're looking for sleeping help for your child or yourself, or you're curious as to why your child (or spouse) triggers you, or maybe you're wanting to return to your emotions and intuition knowing they lead the way but can't quite seem to make the action steps - I'm here for you.  

Join me in a movement to change the narrative of motherhood, heal within and march forward with self-love that shapes the next generation.



 Having two college degrees and deciding to stay home with my children, I felt my future was slipping away.  I knew I wanted to be home raising my three children, yet society and stories I had in my head created fear, doubt and an unworthy feeling. 

I felt I had lost "my people" and worse, myself.

From the outside, you wouldn't have known I was struggling inside.  Naturally I'm a positive person, with a smile on my face marching forward and truly thinking I was happy most of the time.  My child and I explored our city, engaging in fun activities and groups.  I was running a successful pediatric sleep coaching business, Amazing Little Sleeper.  To add to it, I even saw my therapist on a regular basis, knowing the importance on mental health.  All seemed well for the most part. 

While this was fulfilling, I was still navigating my purpose as a person, motherhood connections and motherhood narratives that fit my values.   

I was drifting into harder mindsets and unhappiness (that no one know of) and I knew my life as a mother could be different & I had more in me.  So I invested in myself,  embarking on the ultimate journey of self-healing, self-discovery and the true ways to live my life alive, vibrant and peaceful as me AND as a mother!   

In my awakening, I knew my business needed to shift into more than sleep coaching, because...

Being a mother is hard.  We try our best in all areas and often leave ourselves last.  We feel being selfless will benefit our children.  All of our feelings of guilt, "should do", and holding back is not helping ourselves, our children or the society as a whole.  Our nervous systems are fried and we're running on stress, anxiety and numbing.  And while we may think "this is the way it is"  or "I'm doing this for my child", you can choose differently. 

What we live out, our children will replicate.  Our children won't know how to do life differently...so they will move into people pleasing, perfectionism, looking for validations outside of themselves, avoiding their feelings and leading lives on auto-pilot rather than authentically.  

You can lead the way with your healing.


As I began to heal I noticed my children began to heal.  I noticed my life became more peaceful and relaxing, and most importantly, authentically mine.  I feel safe.  I feel joy.  I feel free from conditioning and  societies pressures of what life "should" look like.  And I see it in the people around me because energy is contagious.  Healing is contagious. 

My friends started to notice too and began asking, so I shared.  Deeper connections and conversations began, leading a way of truth, compassion and love.  Their healing journey began for them, a more authentic and aligned life.

This lead the shift in my business. 

Your healing is inside of you.  All of your answers are there if you're courageous enough to look.  And you don't have to do it alone.  

If you're ready to walk away from your own limiting beliefs or you're already in the journey and are looking for someone to help hold the space and lead intuitive healing and subconscious work, - to ultimately lead a life you love, healing for you and your children, building the next generation!  I am ready to lead the way and heal with you. 


My Why

When I began sleep coaching, I said it was for the child because they need consolidated sleep for their health and development.  This is still true.  Your child is a much different person on all levels (behavior, emotions, eating, patience, learning, etc) when they sleep well.  I love helping improve sleep for them.

And within a few years of working with families, I realized I loved helping with sleep because it helped the parents!  Being an exhausted parent is truly life altering, in a negative way.  I watched how improved sleep improved so much for the parents;  marriages improved, patience and connection with their child improved, their own mental health and energy improved.   And this was my entry point to the work I do today.

Our conditioning, our limiting beliefs, our mental health impacts everything we do, especially in our home with our children.

Doing in the inner work is the way forward.

For you, for your child, for society as a whole.


Before healing others, heal yourself.  - Laozi

"I had struggled with persistent stress both in my private life and in my business for awhile, with challenges that seemed to trigger each other and never end.  I felt totally exhuasted emotionally and am so grateful that I started working with Valerie.  Her warm presence in the conversations, her knowledge of seeing and listening to what needs to be healed together with her methods creates a space for healing and growth.  After each conversation, I have felt lighter in my mind and body.  She helped me regain my energy and I have since felt like myself again - happier as the woman I want to be and as the mother I know my children need me to be.  I highly recommend Valerie's coaching!"

Sandra, mother of three & Online Visibility Coach

"You have a gift!! I am grateful you share it with me as your wisdom and insight are so helpful.  You see me."

Emily, mother of three