Our emotions are here to guide us to a liberating, peaceful, joyful & creative life!


Enough sleep is the foundation of everything great in your life!  


You are the best guide for YOUR life!  Being connected to your body and intuition is the ultimate happiness in life. 



I'm a Holistic Life & Sleep Coach and PSYCH-K Facilitator helping women and mothers just like you! 

You are your own guide!

Today we're fed the thoughts and fears that someone outside of us knows better:  our boss, doctors, family and others.  And this limits our power and divinity as a whole human being.  Add motherhood to this narriative, and we're made to believe by over-giving and abandoning our needs is the most loving thing a mother can do.  Our world is suffering from this division of each of our wholeness.  

I was suffering from this narrative and I had an inner knowing I was here in this one life to feel and live differently.  

Looking back, my awakening happened after becoming a mother and yet it wasn't until 7 years later (thank you pandemic) and 3 children later that I realized something had to change.  I was living a "happy" life on the outside and a very disconnected, stressed and joyless one on the inside.  

Though I wasn't sure where my journey was taking me, I also knew it was so profound not only for my life, but my children's too.  What kind of role model did I want to be for them and the next generation?

In my libration to living and feeling authentically whole, I've also reunited with my gifts and fulfillment.  

I help women ready for change shift their limiting beliefs to step into their power, their inner wisdom, and confidently take ownership of their life.  

Discover your divinity, recognize your greatness, and become the peace and joy you seek.


Join me in a movement to change the narrative of womanhood and motherhood, heal within, be your own guru and march forward with self-love that shapes the next generation.

Before healing others, heal yourself.  - Laozi


Why Valerie? 

There are many options when it comes to sleep help, life coaches and online programs.  And if you're here, either you're in search of help (and a better nights sleep!) or one of those options aren't currently working for you.  

There is no coincidence you are here.  

The beauty in working with myself is that I have been in your shoes!  From sleepless nights with my first born, 10+ years of experience with families as a sleep coach, years of raising my own family with respectful and conscious parenting ways and doing the inner work myself, I walks in integrity and love with all I speak & share. 

I lead a heart-lead business, believing the most aligned women will resonate.  I’m not here to sell, instead share my gifts so you can lead your best life for you.

And sure, those ideas and statistics are great!  But it's not even what's the most valuable thing in working with myself.  

Valerie gently and kindly holds space for you.  I offer intuitional guidance for your specific goal and family situation.  My gift is being able to see deeper into situations and ask the harder, more reflective questions for you to answer.  And I help bring change with ease and flow with subconscious integrations of PSYCH-K. 

I work with you, not to you as I believe you have the best path forward for your life.  I am honored to hold the space and see where your journey unfolds.  





I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Promotions, a Master's Degree in Elementary Education, I am a pediatric sleep coach of 10+ years and am studying Human Design.  Most of all, I am listed as a PSYCH-K® preferred facilitator.

I guide women and mothers to reconnect to their emotions, body and authentic, inner wisdom to easily and quickly break through limiting subconscious beliefs that are holding them back to create real, lasting change in their everyday lives as humans and mothers.   

By working with me, you will learn to feel your emotions and body, knowing they are here to guide you to your truest life.  You will heal the limiting and root causes of your undesired automatic behaviors and outcomes to develop a stronger understanding of who you really are and then transform these limitations with ease so you can live your desired reality.  Most off all, become reunited with your most authentic self, feeling fulfilled, peace and joy in your life. 

Transform - Empower - Thrive

Lastly, all opinions expressed within the pages tied to www.valeriebirch.com are my own.


Are you curious about how I can help you? 
Let’s talk! Check out my services page, book your session, or contact me if you have questions.

You are worthy of all you desire!  It's yours to have with ease.

"I had struggled with persistent stress both in my private life and in my business for awhile, with challenges that seemed to trigger each other and never end.  I felt totally exhuasted emotionally and am so grateful that I started working with Valerie.  Her warm presence in the conversations, her knowledge of seeing and listening to what needs to be healed together with her methods creates a space for healing and growth.  After each conversation, I have felt lighter in my mind and body.  She helped me regain my energy and I have since felt like myself again - happier as the woman I want to be and as the mother I know my children need me to be.  I highly recommend Valerie's coaching!"

Sandra, mother of three & Online Visibility Coach

"You have a gift!! I am grateful you share it with me as your wisdom and insight are so helpful.  You see me."

Emily, mother of three