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Feeling Stuck?

growth nature psych-k® self-love wholehearted wholeness Jan 04, 2023

Stickiness can be anything from having a writers-block to being unable to move or proceed, often because of an obstacle or problem.

It can feel very frustrating to feel stuck, especially if you feel like you are not making progress or are unable to change your circumstances.


Here are a few tips that may help in the moment if you are feeling stuck:

1.  Move Your Body

Don't over think this, just whatever seems most enjoyable to you in the moment.  Keep it short and simple.  This one is excellent for those writer-blocks or smaller moments of feeling stuck.  Don't push "until later" to move your body, it's the moment itself that will bring on new energy and help you move past the sticky feeling.

  • Go for a 10 minute walk
  • Engage in breath work
  • Stretch or yoga (even chair yoga)
  • Immerse yourself into nature

Physically moving the body helps move energy and come out of feeling stuck.


2.  Speak With Someone

Sometimes your mind can take you in loops, seemingly getting you nowhere new.  Talking through your challenge with someone you trust allows you to hear another perspective and most importantly, respond.  Oftentimes, it's in the responding to others when you can hear the advice you need.  Move energy through conversation.


3.  Be Honest With Yourself

Check in with your self and all aspects of your life.  You likely know why you are stuck if you're honest with yourself.  Are you stuck because you are unhappy with your job, a relationship, etc?  What do you wish instead? 


And know that feeling stuck is an invitation.   It's a signal.


Mel Robbins shares, "Stuck does not mean you have stopped.  Stuck is a signal. Stuck is a signal that is wired into your soul and your DNA and that signal is trying to tell you something very simple.

It's trying to tell you that you have stopped growing.

That's it.  That is all that stuck means.

You as human being are designed to grow and change and evolve through your whole life."



So truly, the bigger question is,    


What are you doing to do with this invitation?


What feels like your best next step to help you grow, change and evolve? 



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