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The Bird's Song

growth wholehearted Jun 13, 2022

Have you ever paused to hear the birds sing?


A slow pause, followed by an inhale and exhale, tuning into your sense of hearing.  Close your eyes to really help you focus into listening.


They are singing glorious songs! 


And I’m always taken aback when I stop to listen to their glorious, peaceful songs. 

I become present in the moment and enjoy their tunes to feel an immediate uplift. 


And in listening, I have often wondered, do they ever hold back their song in fear of what other birds think?

My instinct is likely not.

Which continues to inspire and amaze me at how confidently they sing their song for the world to hear.  

No holding back.

Confident in their tune.

Singing amongst each other.  

For the world to enjoy.


When listening to the birds sing (which is nearly all day long!), I feel peace, joy and contentment.  All is well.   They seem so happy and free!


Are you a song bird, singing confidently for the world to hear?


I know I have struggled with this.  


Unlike the birds, for years I have held back my song.  I wasn’t always singing my authentic voice out of fear of what others would think.  I held back my song out of a lack of self-worth.  I held back waiting for someone else to tell me to “speak!”   I was holding back because I had put my power in the hands of someone outside of me.   I was thinking the power to sing my song came from others around me by fixing them, controlling them or pleasing them so they were okay first and I could do my thing last, speak my voice.   These were my limiting beliefs.


And it sucked.

I felt stuck like I was spinning in circles wanting more for me and not being able to speak it.  

I knew what I wanted but everything seemed to be holding me back (which in reality is me holding me back).

It was frustrating and agonizing.  


The song bird reminds us, and my internal growth showed me, that speaking our voice confidently is an internal thing.  We are our own source of happiness, confidence and worth.  We have control over our being.  And when you focus on our own internal control, growth and happiness, you then confidently sing songs of joy for the world to hear because YOU want to.

To feel free!

To feel liberated!

You want to sing your song, speak your voice, for all to hear!

You want this deep in your bones for you.  Because that feels aligned to showing up for your life ALIVE and FULFILLED!


If this resonates, you are not alone. 

Life can feel different.

And you are ready to shift from frustration and discontent to confidence and feeling FULFILLED & ALIVE.

Your desires can be your reality.


I help purpose-driven, ambitious mothers overcome their limiting beliefs to feel empowered to say YES to themselves and their voice, guilt-free, through simple & heart-centered 1:1 coaching so you can live your life feeling LIBERATED and FULFILLED as a person and as mother!  

Growth happens FAST with 1-1 coaching with me.

Do you have time to wait? 

Your time is now!


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