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Two Reasons Sleep's Not Happening With Ease

limiting beleifs psych-k® self-love sleep unconscious mind wholehearted Dec 12, 2022

Sleep is vital aspects of your well-being.  It is the foundation of everything, your mental health, your physical health and spiritual well-being.  Nearly any challenge can be related back to the lack of sleep. 


We know this. 

And yet, we continue to feel exhausted and hear messages, consciously or unconsciously, such as:

  • busy = worthy and good
  • instead of deleting things off our list, stay up later to accomplish them
  • you can sleep when you're dead
  • you can do it all


Add in holidays, planning for a vacation, gathering or anything additional to "normal" life, there seems to be an uptick of needed to-do's and mothers often receive the unfair expectation to accomplish them.  

While recognizing you feel exhausted, there's a conditioning that may lead you to ignore your known need to get more sleep and instead, "push the midnight oil to get it all done".

And the cycle continues.

You wake up feeling groggy, short tempered, unhappy and even a little sick.  And you push on, "because that's what you should do." 

You can physically feel the exhaustion in your body and mood, zapping you from your enjoyment and presence during the fun times with family, friends and loved ones.   You know you want better, you deserve better and you're trying....

  • you know you're supposed to go to bed earlier, but somehow it always ends up late
  • you're trying affirmations and positive mindset
  • you're working with a therapist or other healer
  • you're trying to delegate
  • you. are. trying!   And yet nothing is changing easily or at all.

Here's why:

Somewhere deep down there is a belief in your unconscious mind that is running your life on autopilot.  It learned a program when you where a child about why rest isn't a good thing, or that you can't rest until everything is perfect and complete, or maybe you had a parent, grandparent or friend who you watched run themselves into the ground, skipping on sleep themselves.   Or maybe someone told you "you can rest when you're dead".

It doesn't necessarily matter how your unconscious mind created a belief about sleep, rest and accomplishments, but it did.

And as an adult, when you know how important sleep is and yet you can't seem to actually follow through to allow yourself enough rest or sleep - that is the difference between you conscious (thinking) mind and your unconscious mind (one you don't "think" and yet it's running the show).   


So now what?

First, I would ask you "how do YOU want to feel about sleep and rest?"   "What do YOU want to believe about sleeping and rest, especially when life seems to get busier?"  

YOU are allowed to decide what you want to believe about anything!

Know that any beliefs can be changed in your unconscious mind.  And when you change your beliefs in your unconscious mind, your reality changes.  


Here are some possible beliefs you may want to believe at the deepest level in your mind:

  • It is safe and easy for me to rest.
  • I am worthy no matter how much I do or do not accomplish.
  • My worthiness is.  
  • I respect sleep and honor my body.
  • I listen to my body and rest when it tells me I need rest. 
  • How much I accomplish is separate to my worthiness and love. 
  • I am at my best when I am well rested.
  • I love to sleep! 


Changing your beliefs at the unconscious level of the mind is easy, non-invasive and effective for life.  PSYCH-K® is a spiritual process with psychological and possible physical benefits.  You have the ability to re-write your unconscious, or subconscious beliefs to be in alignment when how you desire to feel in life.  

Without this change, it will be nearly impossible to create lasting change with ease in anything in your life and together we can accomplish ANY belief you want to have with Life Coaching with PSYCH-K®  


Add in one other small, but mighty tip today and always...


Every hour of sleep before midnight is like two hours of sleep after midnight.  - Valerie Birch


The biggest mistake I see people making when it comes to sleep for themselves or their children is that they go to bed too late.  

Earlier is always better! 

Try your own experiment to know what your optimal timing is.


Option 1: Do sleep from 10:00 PM - 6:00 AM.  Try for this at least 4 nights in a row.


Option 2: Go to bed near or after midnight and sleep until 8:00 AM or even 9:00 AM.  Try this for at least 4 nights in a row.


Notice how you feel.

Which one do you feel more radiant and rested?  Peaceful and calm?  Present?


I predict you'll quickly feel and notice the difference and lean towards the earlier hours.  Why?  Because it's science!  No amount of sleeping-in will cure or fix your exhaustion.


You get the most PRECIOUS and GOLDEN rest by sleeping as many hours before midnight as possible.

It's about going to bed earlier AND sleeping enough hours.  

PS: The EXACT same goes for your child no matter the age.


Make two small shifts to feel:

  • Radiant and rested

  • Patient and calm tempered

  • Full of natural energy



Take care of yourself mama, because when you do everyone around you benefits.  But more importantly, because you are worth it!  


If your sleep issue is bigger than an earlier bedtime, or you could feel in your body and mind that you know you have some healing of beliefs around sleep, let's chat!  A few sessions and you could be having better sleep within days, so you can wake up feeling refreshed and YOURSELF!


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