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You are a good mom

conscious parenting growth wholehearted Jul 13, 2022

A journal entry...may it resonate with who it's meant to. 


You are a good mom.

How can you open your heart & allow that to fill your soul? 

This period of life, having young children, is your time & it feels hard.  When one is in the thick of it, it's hard to feel success.  Instead, negative and questioning thoughts come in and try to sabotage your time.

Your calling is being a mother.

And your calling is to heal yourself.  To be self-aware, to set boundaries to honor you - as the truest calling is doing both:

Role modeling to your children self-awareness, self-care and boundaries while raising children to be respectful, resilient, compassionate & loving to themselves and others. 

And it's a job that has many emotions & rollercoaster moments.  And it can feel hard to see any success in the moment.

Especially in today's society - of instant success.  Many opportunities for comparison due to social media, the news, fear and scarcity based mindset.  

No one is praising the mother who is embarking on such a journey.  No awards. No celebrations.  No bonuses or flossy job perks or new titles.  

And yet is is the most profound and rippling career.  Ever. 

The biggest question is: do I see it for myself?

Because that is where the true joy & happiness lies!  Can I see my own gifts, can I relish in my own calling & see my own successes matched up only again myself?

To see how far I've grown.

To trust the impact my journey is having on my children.

To not wish away this time because you can feel behind in successes based on society's terms.


My expansion is to deeply love myself!

To honor myself & what I need, especially with my children.  To share my sensitivity AND to take care of me.  

To parent myself as I forge in my parenting journey.

To build MY definition of success.


The kids are alright and they benefit massively.

...from me being their mom. 

They choose me.

They need me as their mom. 

And instead of looking at yourself as a burden to their life - to see yourself as the gift as you are.  A match made in heaven. 

To love yourself first & foremost.

To love them.


You cannot love them more than you love yourself.  


And watch it grow & blossom.  Because I suspect your success, the easy to see & relish in success, are coming later - when they are older.  So don't wish away or sulk in the now.  You have success NOW and it may be harder to see amount the challenges, growing pains and intruding comparison and negative thoughts - but they are here now.  Can you search them out and celebrate them?

And trust it's all for a bigger picture.

Your success is now, growing for you & them while they are little, young & and at home.  

And as you all blossom and grow, man, what a sight to watch unfold - all those successes of them and you! 

You are a powerful woman!

Both soft & powerful

Calm & courageous

There is simply no stopping a woman who has reclaimed her own body, mind and soul for her!  I understand all the potential I hold..

For me.

For my children.

For all my success as I am, sensitive and all. 



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