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Your Journey Back Towards You, An Unique Individual

conscious parenting growth unique individual wholehearted Sep 07, 2022

Women wear many hats.

Hats of daughters and mothers, sisters and aunties, friends and colleagues, bosses, CEO's and so much more.  

The most important hat you wear, is YOU.

And in the mix of life it can be easy to "let yourself go".   To somehow, almost unknowingly, put yourself on the bottom of your own list.  

There's almost a societal "hum" that women put everyone else first and how giving and loving that is.  We judge the goodness of a women by how much she gives.  

And yet in the doing so, we loose out on our deepest power, the receiving.  The being.  The femininity of our soul.  

How unfortunate. 

And there is always hope.  

The more women who awaken to their power of their being, to their connecting with their inner wisdom, moving forward with love for themselves and their pace of life - my, how the world will benefit!

Maybe you're new to your own inner journey, or maybe you've ridden the windy roads of your inner world, either way you're exactly where you're meant to be.  

You are ready to reconnect to your inner fire!

To receive the joy in life you know is possible!

To feel fulfilled in your mind, body and soul!

You know you are worthy of all you desire!


Read on to see if these tip feel aligned and called to you:


Visualize your ideal self.

Maybe your life has gone pretty well according to everyone else's thoughts and guidelines.  You've accomplished everything you "should" by societies standards.  And yet you feel hollow inside.   Your degrees, homes, travels, and family building is nice and yet something else if missing as you don't feel fulfilled.  

This beautiful awareness is the first step in building your authentic self and bringing her forth.  

Take a moment in stillness. 
Ground yourself with some deep belly breaths.
Close your eyes. 
Ask yourself these questions and pause.  Encourage your mind to be still and allow the answers to come to you from somewhere deeper inside.  
  • What do I love about myself?  What qualities do I posses that I am ever grateful for? 
  • What do I love doing, doing so much that I loose track of time?
  • If I could have anything, guaranteed, with no way to mess it up and no need to choose, what would i want to experience next in my life?  
  • Where do I see myself in 6 months?  1 year?  5 years?

Let your answers inspire you for your next step. 


Explore your passions

Before careers, families and children, you were a small being with child-like joys and passions.   What did you love doing as a child?

Clue into the smallest of thoughts:

I was happiest outside, alone, in my rock collection.  I loved day-dreaming while using my hands.  Getting head-deep into research brought me joy.  Give me all the creative tools and space and let me lean into creating with my friends.

How can you bring those past passions into your reality today?  


Be courageous with something new

Maybe a previous passion has lit you up, or maybe you can't remember any passions because it's been so long.  Either way is okay!  Challenge yourself to be courageous to try something completely new.  You won't know what you love doing until you try it, right?

Or learn something new!  Doing and learning are beautiful ways to expand yourself and get in touch with what you love most about you.  

My life motto:  try and learn, repeat.   

Write 'em down

With so much going on inside of our heads, it's easy for ideas and experiences to get lost among the everyday to-do's of life.  So write them down.  Keeping a journey can be an avenue for many opportunities!  

You may remember that you love to write!

Or writing it all down will bring more clarity.

Or jotting down your experience allows you a place to review, evaluate how you enjoyed an experience, and make a plan for something new to try and learn in the future.

Simply jotting down whatever comes to mind can have huge benefit.


Give yourself grace, compassion and love!

The journey home is that, a journey.  And as a quote reminds us:  

Enjoy the journey, not the destination.

Because in reality, there is no destination.  We are ever evolving humans, constantly growing and expanding.  And when you can learn to lean into the growing and the journey, the quicker you are to feeling exactly how you desire to feel in life.  


You are ready to live your best, authentic and unique life and NOW is your time! 



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