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I believe in the synchronicities of life. 

We are all connected.

There is a reason you are here.

Trust your inner knowing and be open and curious to the transformation of your life.  You've been lead here for a reason, will you listen?


I had more transformation in the my first session with Valerie than I have in the last 5 years of my inner journey. I've been working with myself for many years, using several modalities such as therapy, Reiki, EMDR, massage, sound baths and more. But the PSYCH-K with Valerie was beyond my expectations. We were able to get to the root cause of something I've been working through for years. WOW! Don't hesitate to work with Valerie, she's a beautiful human to work with! 


"I had struggled with persistent stress both in my private life and in my business for awhile, with challenges that seemed to trigger each other and never end.  I felt totally exhuasted emotionally and am so grateful that I started working with Valerie.  Her warm presence in the conversations, her knowledge of seeing and listening to what needs to be healed together with her methods creates a space for healing and growth.  After each conversation, I have felt lighter in my mind and body.  She helped me regain my energy and I have since felt like myself again - happier as the woman I want to be and as the mother I know my children need me to be.  I highly recommend Valerie's coaching!"


Our appreciation, gratitude and respect for Valerie is immeasurable! She has transformed our sleep life through her knowledge & experience. We have 4 little boys, 4 and under. We worked with Valerie with each of them and are blown away by their progress and results. Our 8 month old is sleeping 12-13 hours a night, our older boys sleep through the night and our nap schedule is back on track. We are so grateful. Working on our boys' sleep had some tough moments, but it was  worth every moment & dollar. We highly recommend calling Valerie the moment you need advice or help & not waiting for something to change on it's own. Our phone call to Valerie was one of the best decisions we have made, she truly restored peace in our children's sleep and equipped us with the tools to make it happen longterm!


"Valerie is a phenomenally gifted PSYCH-K® facilitator. She listens with compassion and patience to individual's needs and goals. She is very intuitive which is a great addition to her her work with individuals. Her thoughtfulness coupled with her intuition supports her PSYCH-K® work in releasing blocks to living one's best life. She is an enthusiastic learner and continually adds to her knowledge base and tool kit. She is very supportive, encouraging and enthusiastic in working with others. I highly recommend her as a PSYCH-K® facilitator."


I want to take a moment to personally thank Valerie and Amazing Little Sleepers for helping our oldest, and really our entire family more deeply understand and appreciate sleep. It felt like we started searching for a solution to a crisis and left with changed perspective, hope, and an entire philosophy about how to approach bedtime with our two boys and soon to be newborn. When searching for someone to work with she received resounding praise from peers in a mom's group and  was one of the very few with experience with older kids (we sought help initially for our son who's nearly 5 years old). Please, take the plunge! It is well worth the time and investment and will give you and your littles a more peaceful bedtime routine and restore you and your partners personal time together. All of which are pretty precious!


"You have a gift!! I am grateful you share it with me as your wisdom and insight are so helpful.  You see me."