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Whether you are thinking about becoming a mother, a mother to young children or an empty-nester, if you're a purpose driven, heart-centered woman looking for liberation and fulfillment in your life, I am here to help you grow & thrive as an individual AND a mother!  

Life Coaching for You

Accelerate your growth & transformation in 12 weeks.

My signature 3 months 1:1 coaching is designed to overcome your limiting beliefs and THRIVE in your life.  We work closely together to help you transform your life with EASE and EFFICIENCY so you can live your life feeling LIBERATED and FULFILLED as a person and as a mother!  Growth happens FAST with 1-1 coaching with Valerie.

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Transformational Sleep Package

Fast track sleep improvements in your home. 

Learn WHY sleep isn't happening and gain CLARITY and a proven plan towards better sleep no matter your situation. SUPPORT along the way nearly guarantees better sleep.  Transform your sleep within TWO WEEKS.  

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One Hour Sleep Consultation

Improve sleep on your terms!

Learn HOW to improve sleep in your home with SIMPLE, proven & PERSONALIZED sleep advice in a 1-1 call so you can be SLEEPING LIKE A BABY in no time.

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