$999.00 USD

Becoming You 1-1 Program, Full Payment

A 12-week personalized transformation at the subconscious level for women who are on their journey to radicle self-love, fulfillment and wholeness.


What you'll get:

  • 12 Hours of 1-1 Coaching with Valerie, Online via Zoom  
  • 3-5 PSYCH-K® Balances for deep transformation in each session
  • Confidential, welcoming and non-judgemental space to feel, heal and grow at a soul level
  • Intuitive insights to empower your wisdom for deeper healing
  • Your Human Design chart and growth of your unique self
  • Simple and effective tools to use daily to come back to center
  • Valerie's Support throughout our time together

You are ready to step into your magic! ✨

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What People Are Saying:

I had more transformation in the my first session with Valerie than I have in the last 5 years of my inner journey. I've been working with myself for many years, using several modalities such as therapy, Reiki, EMDR, massage, sound baths and more. But the PSYCH-K with Valerie was beyond my expectations. We were able to get to the root cause of something I've been working through for years. WOW! Don't hesitate to work with Valerie, she's a beautiful human to work with!