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You are ready to open to your natural gifts, expand your intuitive abilities, get clarity, or clear old beliefs and patterns that you are keeping you stuck! 



You are on your inner journey, seeking alignment with your highest and most authentic self.  You've invested in many modalities to help free you from your challenges, yet it seems you're getting nowhere fast.  What's missing? 

  • Transformation at the subconscious level.
  • Returning to YOUR intuition, as your body is guiding the way.
  • Someone to facilitate, while you heal.  You have all the answers.


Tell me more...

We all have trauma or shadows in our subconscious that is running our life on autopilot. 

Subconscious and shadow work is some of the deepest work we can do on ourselves.  It is an integral part of any healing practice and is a necessary compliment to our spiritual endeavors.  If we choose to leave out subconsious or shadow work and focus on other modalities, we will end up in an infainte loop of repeating patterns.  Subconscious integrations is essential for energetic transformation and evolution.  

What is the subconscious or shadow work?

To me, the subconscious is where the shadows live. 

Our mind has three aspects,

  • the superconscious; where you connect with something bigger than yourself; God, Spirit, Universe, your highest self.
  • the conscious mind; you're thinking mind, which only can focus on the past or the present.  Think of this as your screen of your computer. Your conscious mind makes up ~5% of your mind
  • the subconscious mind; is running your life on autopilot and can only be in the present.  Think of this as the hard drive running your computer.  Your subconscious mind makes up 95-99% of your consciousness/mind. 
    • Your subconscious mind forms in the first 0-7 years of our lives and shapes the lenses with which we view and feel our lives.  
    • And these lenses can be cleared!


Our shadow is where we place anything and everything that was too overwhelming, frightening or intense when you originally experienced it.   Majority of our shadows were formed in childhood, when your subconsious mind forms in the first 0-7 years of your life.  Shadows and trauma can also be formed in adulthood. 

For example, if a child experiences an emotion they do not understand and they do not get guidance from a caregiver on how to process it - or worse, they are punished for displaying that emotions - the child dissociates from that emotion.  It then becomes a part of the child's subconscious or shadow.   Every shadow is energy that we didn't have the ability to confront - the things that were too much for us to experience in the moment because we didn't have the tools to work with them.  So we packed them away and placed them as far from our conscious identities as possible.  The trick of the shadow, though, is that, as long as the energy remains there, it always has the ability to control us.  It is attached to us and affects us until we unpack it, accept that it is part of us, and re-write the shadow and subconscious to what we want to feel and believe in our life.   

Our shadows also hold parts of ourselves we are ashamed of and cannot bear to face.  We do not want to identify with these aspects of ourselves, so we separate from them by acting like they don't exist.  Yet, those aspects continue to show up in our everyday life by holding us back from our wholeness and greatness. 

How can these shadows show up in your everyday life?

  • when you have intense reaction to something and you don't know why
  • having unconscious and subtle facial expressions when someone is talking
  • you become attracted to certain types of people who cause you to relive trauma
  • you shy away from feeling emotions, or shame others for feeling emotions
  • you try to control others, in hopes to for you to feel better
  • even challenges in the sleep world
  • and so many more! 


So how can you make change, with ease, at the subconscious level and work through all trauma and shadow work?


A Spiritual process with psychological & possible physical benefits. 

Re-writing your subconscious beliefs to be in alignment with how you desire to feel in life. 


PSYCH-K® Facilitator

The ability to change limiting beliefs and transform shadow work that keeps us from recognizing our divinity, discoverin our greatness an become the peace we seek is the greatest gift of PSYCH-K® for all who are ready to make the leap.  

PSYCH-K® is a do-with process.

I am the facilitator.

You are the guru and guide.  

Together we will build a safe, confidential and intentional space where your wisdom, insights, answers and solutions can be revealed and intergraded in the PSYCH-K® transformation process.  

Each session is done over Zoom or Phone.  

The PSYCH-K ® Balances are non-invasive, easy and quick.  Within each session we will engage with 2-5 Balances.  The processes and balances are designed to identify and resolve underlying subconscious limitations, stress or conflicts that may be leading to unwanted physical, spiritual or mental circumstances.  Each balance you will result in a whole-brain state where you have the capacity and potential to manifest your preferences and goals with ease.  Be hopeful, expect change and be open and curious how it shows up in your life with ease. 


All problems are spiritual problems with physical side effects. - Bruce Lipton 

Want to experience this kind of change?


Valerie is a phenomenally gifted PSYCH-K® facilitator. She listens with compassion and patience to individual's needs and goals. She is very intuitive which is a great addition to her her work with individuals. Her thoughtfulness coupled with her intuition supports her PSYCH-K® work in releasing blocks to living one's best life. She is an enthusiastic learner and continually adds to her knowledge base and tool kit. She is very supportive, encouraging and enthusiastic in working with others. I highly recommend her as a PSYCH-K® facilitator.


Ready for Change? 

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