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Quick Listens to Help You Reach Calm, Rested & At Ease

Following Your Intuition & Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

Episode 29 on the Searching for Vitality Podcast.

In this lovely conversation we discuss mindfulness, tools to overcome limiting beliefs, and tips for following your intuition.  You can listen on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

Amazing Little Sleepers with Valerie Birch

Episode 138 on Witchy Wellness Radio

We talk all thing sleep for children, sharing my best knowledge and tips from 10 years as a pediatric sleep coach.  You're looking for simple, effective sleep advice - this is a great first step.    

Keys of the Mind for Children and Adults

Episode 53 on Functionally Fit

A beautiful conversation of everything from sleep tips for children to PSYCH-K® - a fascinating way to help change behavior in the subconscious mind.