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Be the mother you know you are.


Whats holding you back as a mom is a limiting belief.   

I help mom's release limiting beliefs, even the ones you're unaware of.

Connect To Your Intuition    ~

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Lead Your Family

Being a Mom is hard.  You're on a mission to live a more holistic life as a mother, guided by your intuition.

Maybe you've tried meditation, you've delved into yoga and might even have a crystal or two, but it's not enough. 

Let me help you because I was there too.  I've created a code that folds all things together -  the mind, body and spirit - and bust through what's holding you back...

Those limiting beliefs. 

Where Spiritual Meets the Modern-Day Mom

You're ready to get to the bottom of your struggles & transform them.
3 Key Aspects to Guide You:

Fix Your Sleep

Life is extra hard when you're exhausted.  Sleep is the first step.  Whether it's your sleep troubles, a child's sleep issue or creating a mindful morning routine that starts your best day ever - together we can improve it all. 

Holistic Sleep Coaching

Improve Your Mind

The mind-body connection is the most important influencer of your reality.  Connecting with the body, understanding that your thoughts come true and your past has impact on today, we dive through the deep areas so you can truly transform forever.   

Transformational Coaching

Connect With You

Not everyone is the same, so why are we all trying to do life like others?  Learn your unique energy blueprint that leads to healing limiting beliefs and step into ALL of who you are.  You are here for a reason, so shine your gifts; it's time my friend!

Human Design Unpack Session

Hi friend, I'm Valerie

I’m a wellness facilitator and elementary education teacher turned certified pediatric sleep coach, PSYCH-K® Facilitator, Human Design learner, an empath and intuitive.  I’m also a mom to three children, so I know first hand the struggles of motherhood, especially when you feel you do motherhood “differently” and not sure where to turn, which also leads to feeling you’ve lost yourself along the way. 

I’ve created a signature coaching program to connect deeply with other mothers on their journey of motherhood and life.  I was always looking for a mentor, someone to help me along the way, so I’m creating this for you.  The mother who feels spiritually connected, who deep in her bones knows motherhood isn’t about the rat-race, instead wants to break generational cycles that haven't served her and she doesn't want to pass them on to her children.  A mother who wants to deeply connect with her authentic self, her children and contribute her gifts to this life in many ways. 

Mother's posses the power to change the world.

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Here are examples of limiting beliefs and how they can be dangerous? 

"I'm not worthy."

You may not think this and yet you're constantly putting yourself last on your list.  Taking care of everyone else's needs except your own.  

This is an example a limiting belief that your subconscious mind does not believe you are worthy.

Why is this dangerous?

You would never tell your child that they are not worthy, but if your subconscious believes you're not worthy, that is what they are picking up on.  They will then adopt the same limiting belief.  Soon you will find them taking care of all of their friends and family and not doing the things they want and putting themselves last.    

You would never want to instill in your child that they are not worthy to put their needs first.  But because you don't believe you're worthy, they are picking up that and living out that belief.   

Are you or your children sick often or have chronic pain?

There are many limiting beliefs behind sickness and pain, especially consistent sickness and pain. 

Or maybe you've had an ache or pain that you're working on:  seeing a doctor, chiropractor, acupuncture, massage therapist and yet the pain doesn't improve.  

The body and mind are connected and when there are  limiting beliefs in the mind, the body will bring them to reality through sickness, aches or pains.  

For example: multiple or consistent sore throat, strep throat, or coughing fits can have a limiting belief about speaking your voice, your truth or being heard.  

Why is this dangerous?

Whatever you don't choose to heal in the subconscious mind will be passed to your child and they may have the same reoccurring pain or sickness. 

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Sometimes you just click, and other times you don't.  Working together is a decision for both and a 30 minutes initial call is a great way to begin. 

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Coaching is looking ahead, building a life that feels right for you.  Journey together through your transformation to live your life of joy and freedom!

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