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Guiding you to feel peaceful, empowered and at ease. 

Intuition, Emotion & Sleep Teacher and Speaker,

PSYCH-K® Facilitator & Human Design Guide

Holistic healing to radiate your connected self.  

Embody your radiant, empowered self

Hi friend, I'm Valerie!

I support women to go from feeling anxious, constantly overthinking, or disconnected to feeling peaceful, empowered, and at ease in personal lives, relationships, and families. So many of us feel like we're on the hamster wheel of life, with responsibilities, obligations, and constant busyness that can leave us feeling anywhere from overwhelmed all the way to completely disconnected from ourselves or the people we care about most. 


Luckily, life doesn't have to feel that way.

I am here to arm you with the right tools and support to go from a state of constantly anxious or checked out to living in a state of presence, peace, connection, and freedom.


Through my work, I help women to shift how they feel and thus how they show up in their lives through learning to fully feel and connect with their emotions, develop a deeper connection with their intuition, and discern between the voice in their head vs the voice of their heart. In learning to come back home to themselves through these three pillars, women reconnect back to their radiant, empowered, and creative selves moment to moment.


This work is not about never feeling a certain way again, it's about learning to resource yourself so you always know how to come back to center no matter what feeling you're experiencing in the moment. You become the empowered, grounded observer of your experience rather than being pulled around and falling victim to your experience.

Holistic healing



While I work on getting my podcast up and running, you can find me on guest podcasts.

Work With Me

Your journey to healing!  My approach is simple: instead of placing a bandaid on issues that keep coming up, I help you locate the root cause and actually heal.  

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Begin now!  Ease into the life you desire on your own terms.  Any movement forward is growth! 

Did you know

The average person has ~400 emotional experiences within a day.  

Many of us were not taught how to feel through our emotions, so they end up getting "stuck" and become trauma processes of our subconscious mind.  


These unprocessed emotions and trauma show up in our everyday lives; here's how: 

Physical Pain or Sickness

You've had a nagging pain for days...even years.  You've seen every doctor and tried every gadget to help and nothing seems to work.  You shrug is off "this is life", even though it's a persistent issue.  Or you tell yourself  "I slept wrong, the pain is because I had children, I'm sore from my workout..." or any other excuse to help normalize your physical pain or consistent sickness. 

There is an emotional component and/or limiting belief behind your pain and/or sickness.  


Numbness to life.

It feels like life and all aliveness has been sucked out of you.  "Is this what life is supposed to feel like?"  NO THANK YOU!  But you're not sure what to do, so you numb your mental and emotional pain with constant scrolling, mindless eating or whatever causes to distract you for a moment from this emptiness.  What you truly desire is to rekindle your child-like joy for life again.  


Constantly on the move

You are incessantly moving, not sitting down from the moment you wake until you flop on the bed at night.  And yet, when your head hits the pillow you realized you don't feel like you've actually accomplished anything today, at least nothing that feels fulfilling.  But you're not sure how it could be different, so you fill up your to-do list every day (including the weekends) so you don't have a moment be still enough to feel through whatever emotions are below the surface.  


I'm "too sensitive"

Some call you "too emotional" like it's a bad thing.  You feel all the emotions around you and yet you feel like it's a burden, not a gift.  You ask yourself "do I need to toughen up?"  Or maybe you want to hole up and never come out again. What if instead you built a tool box to help you heal & SHINE your gifts of empathy and as a sensitive person?   


You're in the right place!

I know how it feels to struggle with the ranging emotions of zoned out to incessant over-doing that left me feeling disconnected, unhappy and overwhelmed. I felt dead inside. 


More about me

I have helped others and myself for hundreds of hours... 

overcome the same feelings you experience; frenzy, overthinking, anxious, exhausted, numbness or zoned out that leaves you feeling disconnected from yourself, life and the ones you love most.  

Reconnect with your vibrant and loving self!

Three Simple Steps to

Find freedom from your thoughts, emotions, exhaustion & limiting beliefs. 

Live the life of your dreams!

1. Schedule A Call

Connection is so important.  Schedule a free 20 minute Discovery Call. 

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2. Connect & A Plan

Meaningful connection is key and vibe is very important.  You’ll share with me your struggle, how you've been working through it and why it matters.   I’ll use my listening superpowers to hear the underlying possible areas of growth and share with you a plan.  Together we'll see if we're a good fit.  

3. Reconnect To Yourself 

You'll work through your plan, with support as needed, in learning to come back home to yourself through my three pillars, so you can reconnect back to your radiant, empowered, peaceful and creative self moment to moment.

All with ease!

Bonus: As you heal, your ripple is ever lasting to those around you!

Life is not a dress rehersal

This is it.  

Why do we put off our healing and help to assume we have more time to feel better?   
Living each day in hopes you feel more alive, more rested, more connected, more fulfilled, more peaceful is just that - a wish. 

Change happens when you take action.  Even when you're scared.  It's okay to be unsure or afraid of the unknown (psst, a secrete here: everyone feels this before they begin!)

By not taking holistic action towards how you desire, you'll stay right how you are now.  And worse yet, those feelings are passed on to your children and family.  They will have to heal from it too at the subconscious level. 

Imagine living a new way;

a way of presence, connection, peace and freedom!


Freedom from your thoughts, your emotions, your limiting beliefs.



Let go, embody trust and just be.



Live in bliss, with ease.

All is possible. ✨