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You are allowed.

You are allowed love your life and desire transformation for more.

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I help heart-centered, purpose-driven mothers feel confident to say YES to themselves, guilt-free, through simple & transformational 1:1 coaching to build a LIBERATED life they love as an individual AND a mother!

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From over a decade of experience working as a pediatric sleep coach AND being a mother of three children, this is the root cause of poor sleep in your home.  No snoozin' around!


Life can feel hard & lonely as a mother. And your daydreaming of authentic support & a village. 



You may have a great family, friends or other mom-friends. And while you appreciate them, you're also receiving too much conflicting advice you're not even sure the next step OR with all the well-meaning advice and efforts, you're not getting anywhere.  

You're looking for a like-minded person, who understands the challenges of motherhood, and isn't connected to your world.  An outside view and support can be so valuable.  

You know your life can feel different, more authentic, joyful, calm, present and fulfilled.   You want support and help to overcome your obstacles - whether that be sleep issues in the home or your lack of luster in your personal life, you're open to support and love yourself enough to invest in the help.  And you're not sure where to turn to.

Look no more! 

My entire life I've been drawn to looking within and living my most authentic and alive life.  Connecting with mind, body and soul is the guiding path forward in any growth and transformation.  And I know that when I became a mother, this process became harder because I was tired and time didn't seem like it was on my side.  

It can feel hard with everything on your plate; children, work, relationships - pretty soon you're just rolling through the motions wondering where "you" went.

It doesn't have to be this way.   You have time, but first you have to break through the limiting beliefs that you don't believe you're worthy to take the time, or stop feeling guilty or selfish to invest in yourself.  Yes, you have so much on your plate - I see you!  And know there is hope.  

While raising my three children, coaching families as a pediatric sleep coach, I've also invested in myself.  I've expanded, grown, and looked at my own self-limiting beliefs to break through and live more free and alive than ever before.  

And you can too!


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Imagine feeling like the best version of you - as an individual AND as a mother, everyday!


Are you fed up with feeling so dang exhausted?  

Do you dread waking up each morning, to face another day feeling overwhelmed, stressed out and not good enough?


It can be different. 


I help mothers:

  • improve sleep for their children.  From sleeping through the night or establishing predictable and long naps and every sleep transition in between.
  • establish daily self-care rituals so you have the tools to help you feel calm and connected all day long. 
  • look at the triggers that continue to show up day after day after day and know healing them leads you towards freedom and joy in your life.
  • improve your sleep so you're waking up refreshed, energized and excited for the day ahead.
  • and so much more!


Now I'm sure this all sounds lovely, who wouldn't want to live life alive, connected and present?  But maybe you're feeling this isn't for you.  Or you're doubtful this would even work for you. Or maybe this isn't the time to take brave action and ask for help.

Sure. And your hesitation is the exact reason it is time!   Your hesitation, your excesses are based in a limiting belief that you aren't worthy of help or investing in yourself.  Or a belief that motherhood means giving and giving to the point of exhaustion.  You're scared that maybe your child or you will be the exception that it won't "work" and it's a waste of money. 

I invite you to ask yourself:

"What if I don't get help?"

Is it worth feeling this exhausted, this burned out, this disconnected from your life in a week from now, a month, or even a year?  


You have one life, how do you want to feel in it?   

Trust yourself and be open to the transformation that could happen if you tried, if you took the leap of faith.

It's never too late to invest in yourself! 

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I'm excellent at holding space, offering ideas and supporting you along the way.

Marketing on the other hand, is not my gig.  

This call isn't to sell you - it's to get to know you.  To hear your goals and desires and to offer ways we could work together.  

And I will always respect your decision (and ask for the same in return), as working together is a two way street.  

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The Bigger Picture

I want to help you, you are a worthy being!

And your ripple impacts the world.

When we love ourselves deeply, it radiates outward.

Our children need us to love ourselves.

The next generation depends on the changes of today.

Our world is desperate for change, and the most impactful way to create change is to heal and love ourselves.  


Why Valerie? 

There are many options when it comes to sleep help, coaches and online programs.  And if you're here, either you're in search of help (and a better nights sleep!) or one of those options aren't currently working for you.  

The beauty in working with Valerie is she has been in your shoes!  From sleepless nights with her first born, 10+ years of experience with families as a sleep coach, years of raising her own family with respectful and conscious parenting ways and doing the inner work herself, she walks in integrity and love with all she speaks & shares.  

And sure, those statistics are great!  But it's not even what's the most valuable thing of working with Valerie.  

Valerie gently and kindly holds space for you.  She offers intuitional guidance for your specific goal and family situation.  Valerie has a gift of seeing deeper into situations and will ask the harder, more reflective questions for you to answer.  And she helps bring change with ease and flow with subconscious integrations of PSYCH-K. 

Valerie works with you, not to you as she believes you have the best path forward for your life.  She's honored to hold the space and see where your journey unfolds.  

Hey friend!


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I’ve always believed that mother's can change the world!  The work we do within ourselves, our homes and with our children is the foundation of exponential growth and liberation of living your life feeling 100% YOU! 

As a holistic pediatric sleep coach, life coach for mothers and a mother of 3 , I use my understanding of the human mind, my deep emotional and intuitive nature, the science of sleep and the body along with the desire to connect to support and empower mothers to grow themselves in their mind, body, soul connection and light up as their individual selves!

My coaching, courses & blog will help you slow down, connect with your body and intuition, let go of control and love yourself deeply.  And this all starts with proper sleep (for your child AND you!).



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From over a decade of experience working as a pediatric sleep coach AND being a mother of three children, this is the root cause of poor sleep in your home.  No snoozin' around!



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