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Learning to love first, your own being

You are allowed.

You are allowed to love your life and desire transformation for more.

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I see you,

my mom friend.

You're juggling a million plates and you feel overwhelmed and stuck.  Somewhere along the way you've lost part of who you are and you are ready to feel alive again.   You've begun your journey, whether its hiring sleep coaches and courses, affirmations and mediations, or traditional or alternative health & wellness, you are burned out with lack of results.   

You’ve spent your money, and your time, on expensive talk therapy, or seeking out multiple providers, and healers, all promising you lasting healing and happiness only to end up struggling with the same problems you sought help for in the first place.

You know all the "right" places to begin in taking better care of yourself - like reading self-help books, repeating affirmations, journaling gratitude, choking down juice cleanses and squeezing in self-care all the while working overtime to create the life you really want to be feeling and living.  Instead, you continue to wake up feeling anxious, guilty, frustrated, unfulfilled and maybe even depressed.  

You’re exhausted.

You’ve spent your precious time, energy, and money on all these things in order to be happy, fulfilled, and abundant because you know that’s what you want and what you deserve, and you want to be a better role model for your children, but you don’t know why things still aren’t changing for you.

I've been there.

Years of talk therapy, writing quotes and affirmations, focusing on positive psychology, looking to others to tell me my answers practically calling out, "please fix me!".  

My time is valuable, especially as a mother and I felt like I was running in circles getting no where.  The same struggles continue to swing back around again and again. 

It’s maddening, I get it.

What I didn't understand then was that I was spending time and money seeking others to tell me what I needed, instead what I really needed was to get in touch with my inner wisdom to build my path forward. 

I was the only one who had all the  answers to my questions… I just didn’t know how to get to them.

This is where I come in.

The reality is that you are your own responsibility (and your own best expert!), and sometimes all you need is a little support from someone who has been where you are to help you feel, heal and re-connect you to your own inner wisdom.

I assist women who are looking for change to reconnect to their own inner wisdom to live a fulfilled life of peace and joy. 

You are the only one who can change your life and you have everything you need to start right now - I promise.

You are the most important investment you’ll ever make.


Where to start?

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