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I assist women and mothers who are looking for change to reconnect to their own inner wisdom to live a fulfilled life of peace and joy. 

Becoming You


My signature 3 month 1:1 program is designed to help discover areas in your life where you are giving your power away and ignoring your intuition, and move towards Becoming You by connecting with your body and feeling and healing your traumas so you can come to a place of peacepresence and joy in each day.   

12 Weeks of Subconscious Integration Coaching for you to



Start today to create the future you want!

Becoming You 1-1 Program

Life Coaching with PSYCH-K ®

Unlock your full potential of yourself, recongize your greatness and become the peace you seek with quick, easy and effective processes designed to change the subconscious beliefs that limit your full potential. 

One Session, Three Sessions or 12-Week Program. 

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Holistic Sleep Coaching

Needing sleep guidance for your child or yourself, you can find help for any situation. 

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